Friday, January 12, 2018

Still adapting to civilian life, a special ops soldier finds himself entangled with a young woman in her battle to survive.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Book IV of the Universe Series

Universe: The Edge of Tomorrow is in revision and will be republished as Lidda:

Lidda Kandell learns her best friends at college aren't what they seem. They give her a strange rock which reads her mind, accelerates her learning, and creates hallucinations. She later discovers it contains a twisted and ancient personality of alien origin. She gives it a pet name, Widhbo (wee' bow). After falling for a handsome demi-god Lidda is swept up into the war against a Dark Overlord. She has been deceived and manipulated from birth to assist the aliens in their galactic battle by developing a superior line of androids to help the population survive. Earth is to become an island of hope in the chaos ahead. Lidda falls in and out of love, struggling to maintain her humanity as everything she believes is turned upside down. Her view of reality is constantly challenged. The new androids discover they have a soul and Widhbo becomes harder to handle as he loses his fragile hold on sanity. Lidda must decide what she is willing to sacrifice in the battle against an immortal enemy with the power of a thousand worlds. 


The May 2013 Edition is available now on Amazon . Revised Edition pending.

Publishing dates subject to change

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cover Reveals of the First Trilogy

Cover reveal for  Ocean of Dreams, the first novel of the Universe series:

Two quirky aliens from another dimension crash land on the planet of Beldora. One secretly manipulatesthe local population and accelerates development in the hope of recovering his space ship and returning home. Scientist and entrepreneur, Jejliard Castonea, plunges ahead with daring experiments. Beldora jumps to nuclear energy and computerization overnight. Jejliard implants a computer chip in his brain to enhance his intelligence and experiments further with his own infant son, Tajlon, who effectively grows up with a supercomputer for a brain. Nuclear secrets get in the wrong hands and a full scale nuclear war soon threatens the planet. Jejliard decides the only hope is to escape the war. In desperation he plans to use the damaged space ship and stumbles upon the key to a new form of existence which transcends mortal life. His very sanity is at risk as he is seduced by the potential of unlimited power and promise of immortality.

Cover reveal for The Magitons,  the second novel of the Universe series:

When a nuclear war destroys their home planet, a group of humans reach for immortality and blast into space in a desperate attempt to survive. Crew members come out of hibernation and find themselves being murdered one by one. They search for other survivors while struggling to evade the attacker. After intercepting a signal from another vessel they celebrate a rescue only to face new dangers as they are plunged into the strange world of the Magitons. These immortal life forms have created a civilization in space which has existed for many thousands of years and are perceived by the mortals as gods. Their galactic home is filled with ancient feuds, subterfuge, and powerful adversaries. Unable to escape the enemy who followed the humans, the immortals find themselves caught up in this battle and are pursued relentlessly by a strange dark force. Even the Magitons are in danger of being destroyed and battle against time to defeat this enemy who grows more powerful with every conquest.

Cover reveal for Lady Taydome,  the third novel of the Universe series:

Tajlon, the youngest god ever created by the Magitons, has devoted his existence to defeating the Dark Overlord who not only destroyed his father, but threatens all of galactic civilization. He decides to clone his father in an attempt to create a weapon capable of fighting this enemy. In the search for a suitable planet he stumbles upon Earth only to find a rogue Magiton has visited there before. Tajlon is caught up on a battle between good and evil forces. He meets a priest, Adam Zelreddge, and partners with the ancient Taydome religious tradition whose inner circle has been guarding a dark secret for over a century. Lady Taydome is distrustful of aliens as it was another Magiton who deceived her grandfather and took him away from her. They were not able to destroy the evil Magiton, but could only manage to contain it. As High Priestess, Lady Taydome, is responsible for maintaining the delicate balance which holds it at bay and she is reluctant to accept Tajlon's help until evil gains the upper hand.